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Buy Oak Bedroom Furniture, Oak Dining Furniture and Pine Furniture Online or in your local showroom at online prices.

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Malvern Oak Furniture, Dining & Lounge

Oak Furniture, Dining & Lounge

Rustic style oak furniture, warm and comforting, traditional, timeless and best of all affordable.

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Utah Oak Furniture, Bedroom

Oak Furniture, Bedroom

Our Utah Oak bedroom collection of quality oak furniture is a timeless, sleek design of the highest quality construction. Each unit is designed to last a lifetime, including the exclusive full hanging oak wardrobe range

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Utah Oak Furniture, Dining and Lounge

Oak Furniture, Dining and Lounge

The modern oak Utah Dining & Lounge furniture collection offers a comprehensive selection of units in every size, shape, and function - all built to last a lifetime

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Bretagne Oak Furniture, Dining and lounge

Oak Furniture, Dining and lounge

French inspired Bretagne Oak Dining & Lounge Furniture offers style and elegance at affordable prices. This is quality oak Dining Room Furniture for the discerning household

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Bretagne Oak Furniture, Bedroom

Oak Furniture, Bedroom

The Bretagne Oak Bedroom furniture range is a French inspired light oak collection of beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, chests of drawers and more

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Solid Oak Furniture, Oak Bedroom Furniture and Oak Dining Room Furniture

We offer the lowest prices and the best service for this Oak Furniture online or in your local showroom. But there are so many other reasons why you are best off buying your Solid Oak Furniture from us, whether it be an Oak Nest of Tables or a 4-door Oak Wardrobe with Shelves. Let’s just start with the Oak Furniture itself – that has got to be the most important part. That’s what you will live with – hopefully happily - for years to come.


Oak Wardrobes with Flexible Shelves, Oak Sideboards which are also desks, Oak TV units with integrated DVD Storage, all looking stunning, lasting a life time and costing less than alternatives - all a matter of design

Here at Stock2u Ltd. We have been dealing in wooden furniture for decades – but so have hundreds of other businesses. Stock2u is positively different, however. We are not satisfied with the really nice Oak Furniture, which you can find on every street corner, and in any Oak Furniture Store. We think you deserve even better, both with regards to prices, quality, aesthetics and functionality. And our promise is that we deliver on all counts.

We specify the Oak Furniture from scratch – right down to the screw level. And we take control of the production process. We have our own staff placed in the factories, and we check all details during the production process. For each production, we generate a thorough inspection report (4.5MB PDF - click to download an example).

To provide excellent functional Oak Furniture design, we build in little things, like adjustable shelves in Oak Sideboard Cupboards DVD drawers in Oak TV Units or flexible shelving options in the Oak Wardrobes. These are just a few examples of little functional design features which you may take for granted. But look for these three examples in the nice Oak Furniture you find in your local Oak Furniture showroom – we bet you that these logical features are missing, unless of course you visit one of our authorised dealers.


Buy your Oak Furniture with confidence

You can order your new oak furniture from our web site. Or you can order from your local furniture shop, if this store is an authorised dealer. If you order Oak Furniture online, your local dealer will take care of your order, and we guarantee that you get your Oak Furniture in a timely and professional manner. This means that the guarantee for your satisfaction is shared between a dealer – an independent privately owned retailer – and us. We only authorise dealers who we know provide a high level of customer care, and who are financially strong. If your local dealer’s web site shows our validation seal, then you are in good hands and can order with confidence. Look for this seal:

Authorised Dealer

No Authorised dealer in your area?

Well, you can always order your Oak Furniture with confidence online, but if you wish to see the furniture in the flesh before ordering, and there is no authorised dealer in your area, then we recommend that you bring your request to your favorite local furniture store. All they have to do is to call us, and get a few items – or indeed a full display - delivered within a fortnight (depending on where in the country you are). By doing that, you help yourself make an informed choice, your favorite local furniture store and future owners of Oak Furniture from Stock2u in your area.


If you just order from this web site – which is really easy and convenient – you are also in perfectly good hands. You can see what’s in stock, and if it’s not in stock, you can see when it’s due in.

The stock status relates to stock in our Hereford Warehouse. If we have it in stock, which is the norm, you should get your delivery within 2 weeks. But your local authorised dealer may have their own stock, which means that the Oak Nest of Tables, Oak Bed, Oak Sideboard or Oak TV Unit you want is readily available immediately – even if our warehouse is temporarily out of stock.


A Word on Solid Oak Furniture

‘Solid’ doesn’t always mean ‘quality, and ‘Veneer’ doesn’t always mean cheap and tacky. Shopping around, you will find really cheap furniture, made entirely of Solid Oak – in an awful quality. Equally, you will find really expensive and lovely furniture, made of MDF with veneer in a superb quality – with a substantial price tag. The truth is that if you want your Oak Furniture to last and remain in the same condition in which you bought it, you certainly want some or most of the components to be made of Solid Oak. But if quality and durability of your Oak Furniture matters, then you want some of the components to be made of other, more stable, materials than solid oak, which will always move and twist a little with changes in temperature and humidity. Clearly this may bring with it - over time - undesired changes in the appearance of your oak furniture.

Durability for your Pine or Oak Furniture is top priority for our product development. For this reason, we use SOLID OAK in components, only where the ‘solidness’ improves quality, design and aesthetics, and reduces the risk of problems when the furniture is placed in modern centrally heated houses. Some components made of a high spec oak veneer on particle board will remain in the original condition for longer. This generally applies to relatively large, thin panels, such as Oak Dining Table tops and Oak Sideboard side panels. Using Solid Oak for these components would bring with it risks of warping, or - even worse – cracking, when the humidity and temperature of the environment in which the oak furniture is placed, changes. Also, inside components such as drawer sides and backs may not be made of solid oak, but another solid hardwood wood.

Many books have been written on this subject and myriads of production techniques have been applied. We wish to keep it simple and apply the principles underneath when designing and specifying. Thus, oak furniture from Stock2u is made to: