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Do you have a Furniture Store? Are you looking for a reliable supply chain with online support?

Think Out of the Box!

If so, with your shop, our web site and our infrastructure, together, we can help your customer make better choices, and have the furniture they want, without waiting too long for it, and without hassle.

You must have a physical furniture retail shop, be established and have a reasonable credit history. If you can fulfil these criteria, then we can assign an area to you (if itís available) and direct customers from our web site to you. You would become more that just another stockist. You would become a dealer Ė a Stock2u authorised dealer. We donít just deliver the best deals on the most popular wooden furniture in the country (mainly designed by us), we also deliver customers.

- And then we delivery exclusivity. Yes, Exclusivity is a vague concept in todayís business climate, with an army of online retailers all selling the same stuff. However, we ARE trying to tackle this the best ways we can think of.

If you are interested in joining us in our quest to give your customers an excellent shopping experience then email us on sales@stock2u.co.uk or phone us on the number above. We certainly look forward to hearing from you and would love to explain the Stock2u way.