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Dear Reader,

If you are shopping for furniture for your house, forgive me if you find this section a bit boring or irrelevant, I have written this section for individuals and organisations who may have a commercial interest in our services - generally people and businesses in the furniture industry - and if you have the patience to read it, you will get a pretty good idea of the thinking and philosophy behind Stock2u Ltd.

I originally founded Stock2u Ltd. in 2004, while I was still a Director at Goldcrest Furniture Ltd., Hereford. The aim was to create a super efficient import business importing just 3 best selling pine bed models from Brazil and supply them to retailers throughout the UK. USP's were to be that we'd never run out of stock, and we would sell these beds cheaper than anyone else, due to the simplicity, efficiency and low overheads. Our van would go on a set route every day, as part of a monthly cycle, and would be honking it's horn outside a customers shop on the same day every month with one bed - or a vanload - or anything in between. So the retailer would know the lead time, and advise customers reliably.

Seemed so Simple! But an important lesson was soon to be learned. A lesson which is now the corner stone in our efforts to help furniture retailers, as well as the Furniture shopping general public throughout the UK. This lesson is: The most determining factor for Success or failure of a Furniture Operation is the supply chain. A perfect supply chain means that stock comes in in the time frame which is communicated, in the quantity ordered, and in the quality expected - every time! Does this exist in the Furniture Industry? Well, we haven't found it, (although a few companies/supply chains do come close). So what's more natural than creating our own perfect supply chain?!

Well, Back to the Pine Beds! The Brazilian beds were delayed and when they finally turned up, most orders were cancelled. So what does one do with 500 beds and no customers? I started selling them on ebay - at enough profit to save the company and create a foundation for a different type of company from what was originally intended: A retail business, and not only that; an ONLINE retail business! (And I had decided from the outset that Retail and Online were both no-no's as I didn't have the expertice in these areas, I thought would be needed to compete and succeed)

Over the years we have gone from strenght to strength. We have been supplying a few retailers around the country, but traditionally, 60 % of our sales have come from online customers. Effectively, we were becoming a quite successful online business, selling the best furniture - mainly oak furniture, but also Ash and Pine Furniture - we could find at the best possible prices. We always imported in bulk - not only to get the best price, but - more importantly - to always hold whatever we sold in stock, so customers wouldn't have to wait.

In September 2009, we decided that the time was right to start creating our own designs, and started developing prototypes and technical documentation. We found a good manufacturing base in Vietnam, and today, most of our ranges are made in a few factories there.

Recently, one of these factories asked us to represent them in the UK as a distributor for their furniture. Today we supply our own designs as well as factory designs. In order to show people all over the country the furniture - online or 'in the flesh' - we now distribute through many retailers nationwide. But we also offer the convenience of shopping online on this web site. Online orders are taken care of by our retail partners. So basically, we offer the best of both worlds: Online convenience combined with the reassurance of buying from a 'real' local shop.

Our retail partners are selected and authorised, to make sure that customers get the best possible shopping experience when buying furniture from Stock2u.

I hope you enjoy the web site and - not least - the furniture and look forward to serving you.

Henrik Pontoppidan

s2u design is now on Wordpress. Our blog is still in its early stages, but we are going to be updating it daily with new information and pictures. Follow us here and If you have any advice for us on blogging feel free to leave us a comment.